Pre-nup Check-up

It's not like my wife came with a manual !"  

Twelve years ago when I sped to the chapel I knew I never wanted to hear my husband use that old adage as an excuse for every ridiculous thing he might do in the name of holy matrimony.  I wondered, Why can't a wife come with a manual? Why can't this wife come with a manual?  And so I did. 

Pre-Nup Check-Up:  Helping Your Partner Understand You is your chance to do the same.  It is a humorous yet informational, interactive guide with fill-ins for individuals to complete that provide their partners insight on everything from why he gives tutorials on bed-making, to why she thinks "oatmeal" is a verb.  It goes beyond the usual generalizations for men and women to the unusual specifics of each couple.   Look for information on its release:

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