This past week at Teen Leadership Conference, high schoolers were asked to write about significant events in their lives (whether joyful or devastating) in a way that would be a blessing to someone else. 

Click on "Teens Write" to read their work:


The Face I've Earned

My husband and I laughed our bottoms off one night as we watched a commercial advertising the services of a local plastic surgeon.  The spokeswoman in the commercial gave a lengthy discussion about procedures using collagen, botox, facial implants, etc., all without ever moving her upper lip--not because she didn't want to, but apparently because she couldn't.  A little too much of something had rendered her upper lip unmovable!

You should know that I honestly believe in doing the best you can with what you have.  I just wonder if some are going too far.

Is it really so bad to have laugh lines that map the way back to funny experiences you've had?  That let people know you're a kid at heart?  That give testimony of a God who gives the gift of laughter even after unmentionable pain? 

I was blessed to have a baby at age 43.  Somehow I got through that without a single stretch mark. 

I really wish I had gotten one. 

And I kind of wish it were across my face.


God Sightings

Three of Many Ways I Know There is a God:

A life. 

A love.

A passion.

I have all three, and only HE could have put them together as they are.  (Ephesians 3:20)