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No pat answers here:  Check out  the Christian Marriage Blog-- & explore what happens in real marriages when disappointment, mistrust, or infidelity moves in and stays a while.  Can things ever really change?  

VIDEOS, VIDEOS, AND MORE VIDEOS on all things marriage!  Funny, serious, insightful--a must-see from relationship/marriage gurus, Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott:

Everyday family drama just too much lately?  Make a habit of listening to Steve Arterburn and company on New Life LiveEven if you never call in, I promise they'll eventually address your issue(s) in one way or another:

Pre-Nup Check-Up:  Helping Your Partner Understand You is a tool that addresses the old adage:  "It's not like my wife came with a manual!"  Take a peek:

Take The Blessing Challenge in 2012!  Join a million people this year in changing the life of a child -- your child, or a child God has sovereignly put in your life.  Dr. John Trent and the folks at will show you how:

Grab a copy of The Marriage Checkup, and see what counselor, Dr. H. Norman Wright suggests for the couple that will not settle for mediocrity in their relationship:   

    "Make it simple, s_ _ _ _ _!"  I didn't say it, YOU did!  Here's a refreshing look at how going back to the basics can invigorate your marriage:         

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